Special custom made gifts & merchandise for our clients to fit their theme and their requirement.

Corporate Gifts have become popular as they allow you to target clients and prospects on an individual basis. Marketing text books have been calling for marketers to consider a ‘target market of one’ for decades – Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products are the perfect vehicle to attain the attention of a target market of one.


Special custom made invitation and door gift for our clients for their events.

Special custom-made invitation and door gift for your exhibitions or events. Meeting & Event Promotional Products should be a central part of any event you hold. It costs lots of $ to run any event or conference. A Promotional Products Solution is necessary to reinforce your message over time.


Special custom made corporate gifts for our clients from cups and pens to bags and polos.

TLWH helps to create a unified look across the workplace. Staff are easily identifiable as employees and will feel more professional if they look professional. See our Promotional Polo Shirts, Printed Tee Shirts, Business Shirts, Promotional Work wear and Promotional Safety wear.

Corporate Gifts are an ideal way to strengthen relationships. It takes time to build good relationships with stakeholders and clients. A gift can help say thank-you whilst providing something of functional value and whilst simultaneously reinforcing your brand.


We have a massive reach when it comes to sourcing promotional items to suit a specific need.

Therefore, if you can’t find a product on our website then simply send us a picture of the product you require and we can source it for you, on top of that we can also design products from a simple idea or sketch and then bring them to life with our own in house manufacturing capability so talk to us about your requirements, our sales people are only too happy to assist.

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